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Corporate Social Sponsorship

corporates have sponsorships for a variety of reasons: to enhance their own brand, to support the community, or to simply provide a networking avenue. whatever the reason, the corporate generally wants to maximise outcomes and get the best return on investment possible. fact.
by incorporating a social media and networking policy into the sponsorship, the corporate not only gains benefit through the traditional sponsorship contractual agreements, they also benefit through additional social aspects.

and it’s quite simple to achieve. here are some tips:

  • add event fotos to the sponsor business facebook page as a “fan” OR if you have been made an **administrator of the facebook page, create fotos albums in theme. this could be from a mutual event hosted by the sponsor company that your company attended (and took fotos of).
  • make contructive, complimentary and fun comments on the sponsor company posts on facebook. this will promote the sponsor company (and your company) through your personal news feeds.
  • suggest the sponsor company facebook page to your own personal friends… but only if it is something that will be of interest to them ie a footy team, artist group etc are generally easy ones to share.
  • follow them on twitter and RT (retweet) items of relevance.
  • make contructive, complimentary and fun comments and suggestions to the sponsor company via their blog when relevant to your company.
  • remember the age old saying “what goes around, comes around”. by helping your sponsor company in these small ways it also highlights your company as a “good corporate citizen”, promotes your own brand and is just good service.
  • and a final point – make sure your own companies social media policy for staff is up to date and then encourage your staff to support the sponsor company via their own social media sites!

**may need to be discussed and agreed with the sponsor company first…

Hope these few dot points help.


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  1. May 6, 2010 at 6:29 am

    Great idea, great advice and hopefully it will be acted on.

    I think the best value for this is to get this advice out to all those “small” sporting clubs and social clubs out there that live and die upon sponsorship revenue. Often they dont realise how they can give true value to their sponsors, and they just hope that the sponsor hands out the money the following year aswell. Utilising social media platforms in the way you suggest is easy for these clubs and can help spread the value of the sponsorship not just to the club members who could be 10-300 in size, but also to those members online network.

    Think about it….if a club has 100 members and they each have only 10 friends in their network outside of the club….thats 1000 people that have just been introduced to a brand, product and sponsor.

    Powerful stuff.

    • May 6, 2010 at 7:27 am

      ah yes Nathan… what a FANTASTIC suggestion… and so true. the possibilities are endless – and it all boils back to the conversation and personal referral!! xxx

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