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Government interaction, engagement and the citizen’s voice – AKH

Governments play a great role in shaping a nation, Australia is no different. Some countries have had no choice in who governs them; but we live in the ‘lucky country’!

Lucky in the sense that we have a new-breed of politicians & senior public servants who are savvy enough to understand the importance of 2-way conversation between them & the citizen; and using social media to assist in this process is a huge advantage.

Enter Government 2.0 or Gov2.0; in Australia this is #gov2au. But what is this thing Gov2.0?

Here is a short explanation:

e-Government is creating a comfortable, transparent, and cheap interaction between government and citizens (G2C), government and business enterprises (G2B) and relationship between governments (G2G). Source: Wikipedia

Comfortable, transparent and cheap interaction!

Hard to believe that any transaction with a Government department can be any one of those things; here is my take.

A level of comfort from the point of view that I can access a service online, 24/7; be comfortable that my details are kept secure.

Transparent in the sense that know where tax payer’s money is being spent. A great example of tracking Government expenditure in an open and transparent way is the US Gov’s Recovery imitative – http://www.recovery.gov; via a mash-up of Government data overlaid with a map of the US; customers can see how money is being spent in infrastructure, social housing, health, etc.

Cheap! Some might say “Nothing a Government department is cheap!” But the increased use of social media or Web2 apps is an affordable way of engaging with the citizen. However, choosing the right media is the hardest part. It is all dependent on the outcome that is sort. Blogs are a great way of canvassing for comment. Whereas, something like IdeaScale can crowd source the likely success of a project or programme before any money is spent.

Going one step further is having a Facebook page, Twitter account or a LinkedIn profile; it depends on the target audience and the desired outcome.

Government approach and adoption of social media, is slowly evolving; some quicker than others. Canberra, NSW and Victoria have made inroads into the Gov2 sphere; and SA is catching up…

Barak Obama stated in a memo that: Government should be participatory; transparent; collaborative; social media is the platform to achieve this.

Tim O’Reilly has suggested Government as a Platform; which is the next step of Obama’s vision.


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