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BP in social media

It’s been fascinating watching BP handle this crisis from a corporate communication perspective.

This article on “adweek” sums it up nicely:


A large corporate with even a basic social presence is a good sign… the fact they are trying to stay in communication via any means possible with the public and so have incorporated a social media strategy into their plans has to be an excellent sign. I say sack the CEO and make their corporate communications director CEO for the company (LOL but seriously…)…

and to quote from the article in particular:

BP is no Ashton Kutcher in terms of its social media savvy. On Facebook, BP America, which employs nearly 100,000 people, has a meager 25,000 fans. Its footprint on Twitter is just 14,800 followers. The company, in a bizarre move, has even been soliciting friends in YouTube overlay ads.

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