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Everything <- What does social media mean to you?

Everything was the 1st thing to come to mind when Charlie popped the question.

I have had time to reflect and have come up with the following:

E = Engagement – whether it is Govt-2-Govt (G2G); Govt-2-Business (G2B); or Govt-2-Community (G2C) engagement. The choice of platform is crucial; and should reflect the target audience. It is a case of get this fundamental component wrong; and the opportunity is forever lost.

V = Value – this is a personal thing. What value do you derive out of Social Media? Connecting with people; offering an opinion; building a business or just being there when something happens. This is unique to us all, as is the medium we choose to express it.

E = Evolution – Social media is evolving rapidly; as is the technology used to access & interact with it. Social media is in a continual state of beta testing. It is now its own ecosystem; survival is ranked by user base and what can be plugged-in, fed-in; out or up and connected with. Corporations and Govt’s departments are realising the value of and joining the social media revolution/evolution.

R = Return On Investment (ROI)Brian Solis‘ post, via Mashable; outlines not only ROI, but also more measurable:

  • Return on Engagement: is squarely focused on Government’s engaging with citizens and the community.
  • Return on Participation: the connections forged by being amongst a community online.
  • Return on Involvement: target audience participation with brands, products and consumables.
  • Return on Attention: again targeted participation thru marketing, PR & communications.
  • Return on Trust: focused on the brand and product strength.

Y = Yourself – Simply be yourself!

T = Technology – Build it and they will come! This works only a very small percentage of the time; especially in most organisations. This quote:

“Alongside the tools and technology, public sector culture itself must change” Source: @acidlabs

Technology alone can not change a persons perceptive; they have to be willing to do so. It just provides another avenue for development, opportunity and collective learning.

H = Holistic – Great quote:

“i take the stance that a corporate social responsibility should be a holistic, global view” Source: Charlie @ S[M]B

Of course, I agree. We all have a responsibility to ourselves, our loved ones and those closest to us. This extends to social media.

I = Inclusive – It doesn’t matter who you are; where you are from; holistically Social Media is an enabler to achieve an inclusive society. It breaks down the divide of borders, oceans, race, etc.

N = Networking – Since joining the “Big 3” (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) & becoming a member of #SOCADL; brought into the fold of #gov2au or #gov2, in general, the opportunities to share comments, thoughts, ideas has been overwhelming. Gone are the days of the traditional “meet-and-greet” (but it still has a place), it is a case of checking in, tweet-ups, swarms, flashmobs, crowdsourcing and it is all for the greater good.

G = Gov2 – This is the opportunity for Governments to breakdown the walls of the silos and start a fresh. Explore networking, be more inclusive, look inside before taking the holistic approach, technology won’t solve everyone’s problems but it can assist in providing the information to make better decision that affect people.

That is all. Ciao for Now 🙂

-Adrian K. Hall

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