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conversation leads to interaction and engagement

“Social Media is the ongoing conversation of the planet”
Where like-minded people share, care, learn, interact, and engage for personal or business benefit.

One of the constants for me during my time online has been “how to effectively engage”. It’s important to stay true to yourself however we all have multi faceted personalities. You don’t act the same with me in person as you would your sister, best friend, school mate, work colleague, boss or kid’s school teacher. So, how does this translate online when we have one profile? It’s something that many people struggle with. And it is certainly where a lot go wrong.

Hence news article commentaries along the lines of “I don’t wish to see all your party pics” or “I don’t want to hear your political views” or “why are you always promoting your business?”

A tip. Have conversations in moderation. Use social media in moderation. Use your groups and privacy settings well and show the whole you and nothing but the you in the way that you wish to be presented. It’s OK to laugh with work colleagues; it’s ok to be serious with friends. However, it’s also OK to hide photos that you have been tagged in from those same work colleagues or family members if that is your wish.

That said… I write today as we enter this new period of awareness and understanding about social media that is descending us all. About the philosophies behind social media and the key themes that have always been there eg engagement and interaction.

Facebook itself says its mission is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”. LinkedIn’s mission is “to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful”.

However, with all this, we know that global impact starts locally. This then presents to us a greater ability to shine. A greater ability to showcase. To speak. To share. To start the conversation. To reach out.

So, what is it that you wish to engage about, on a global platform, which will help change or improve our world?

Interesting concept hey? Just something to consider.

It’s a lot easier these days


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