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Collective Thoughts, Dot Points and Stop Gaps

Best outcomes come from thoughtful, considerate, and proactive implementations. However we all also know the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing. There are enough scenarios in social media / employment land for a company to now take stock and get serious.


Here are some personal views of my own.


Previous partner worked for a law firm. One day this firm banned #FB between 9 to 5. That same day (during the 9 – 5 day) he sent me an email containing a 5mg video file (that was a funny ha ha ie joke video not business related). 5mg email v 5kb #FB page download? Best ICT business practice? No, only business practice here was the visual, verbal and viewable impact of just saying “no” to Facebook. A better business practice here would have been to understand your social media employee and code of conduct policy. Are your employees happily doing the things they should be doing to get the job done? Is social media really at fault?


Previous employment my ICT Manager said to me, “You have the largest company monitored use of Twitter. Why?” My response “It’s my job to monitor media, and I think you would be more concerned if I didnt” nb Media Monitors, the paid for subscription service, includes Twitter feeds for media managers. Social media is used to monitor trending topics, media releases, conversations and company reputations. A business practice here would be to understand your social media strategy and the why. It’s also good to understand the role of the employee and how communications are developing in the modern world. Communications are far more fluid these days. It’s already a well proven fact that social media and networking improves customer service immensely. It strengthens relations.


Previous employment asked me to delete the #FB group when I left that had been used for alumni purposes. They then asked me to hand over the management of the LinkedIn group created. Whilst both scenarios are a #FAIL, it does show a lack of understanding of the business drivers from the HR Managers perspective for attracting and retaining employees in the modern workforce. Especially in niche field industries. More interestingly is the general attitude towards #FB as opposed LinkedIn. The later being a more professional social media service for head hunters and like-minds. They wanted to keep this.


Considering these points, social media can enhance your companies reputation, improve customer service, and make your workplace more attractive to many employees.


check one example: http://www.facebook.com/eycareers


check another: http://www.intel.com/sites/sitewide/en_us/social-media.htm


Think about it.


Whilst you digest all that, there is the next big question as to the “what?” and “how?” and “gosh”. Yes, just like we need employees to understand how to send an email, edit a word document and attend a seminar acting like a professional, we also need our employees to act responsibly online. This doesnt mean we are asking them to alter their lifestyle, hobbies or interests. This is simply asking them to consider their role in workplace and what they say about their employer in the full view of the public eye.


Which brings me to remind you that all online is public. That is unless you use the privacy settings available to all via most services. Yes #FB can be private, LinkedIn can be and so can Twitter. Amazing. No-one needs to know what you are saying except your immediate friends and family – or whoever you choose to have listed.


Unfortunately, many people dont care about or understand privacy. Mainly the latter.


Anyway, I care. But why? What do I have to hide? Im not embarrassed by my life. However, many people simply cant cope with the full extent of a persons life when exposed to it tho (that sounds weird right?). Well, this is no longer just information overload, this is scensory overload. My life is multifaceted and I dont feel it is necessary to expose all to all (especially when it comes to my kids). However, never before has a medium merged life like now. If your own home and work life was merged, what impact would this have? Mine is partially merged already (I’m not a 9 – 5 person) so I’m getting used to it!! Do you think yours ever will? My previous employment contract was 24/7 with laptop and internet connection provided at home. I also had a mobile phone provided that included personal use. How can an employer monitor all that usage? It’s just not possible.


What does your place of employment monitor? Why?


Does your company have a best of breed code of conduct to cover all? I suspect not.


If you cant monitor employees all the time and your employees are no longer 9 – 5, how can you encourage them to do the right thing by you?




Why are companies mixing the social media networking online viewing concept with porn? That’s like mixing your Disney movie with Debbie Does Dallas. Just because these are brought to you in the same format (mechanism) doesnt mean they have the same message or output. Let’s not get confused. Being online does not automatically mean we are viewing porn. But even if you are – who cares? As long as it’s not work time which means right code of conduct time.




Why not embrace something new and make it work for your company?


Use a social media (code of conduct) policy, provide training (for social media) to staff, and provide words (about your company) that staff can share. Encourage staff to do the right thing by training them, teaching them and not shying away from them. Embrace and be proactive.

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  1. October 12, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Interesting points and evidence presented. It will be interesting to see how business entities will incorporate social media in the workplace and as a viable communications medium — many already do, as you know. I’m watching, too.

    • October 12, 2010 at 10:40 pm

      interesting times… and i appreciate full change takes time. time for corporates to get up to speed tho 🙂 xc

  2. Aimie Ellis
    October 12, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Miss Charlie – I can provide a postive example of where I used FB to increase income for a company – let me know if you’d like me to forward details for your presentation this Fri?
    Ciao Bella

    • October 12, 2010 at 11:15 pm

      hey bella – positive examples are always good. this seminar is more about employees and policy etc – not so much along the lines of increasing dollar sales… but it’s always good to have examples if you wish to share!! see you friday anyway – chat more xxx

  3. October 13, 2010 at 5:31 am

    Ron Corso
    Well said Charlie. The problem is in understanding the issues at hand and seeing them in this new context and not from what we have know and experienced in the past. De bono once said ‘you cant dig a new hole by digging the same hole deeper’ unfortunately ‘fixed ‘thinking habits will lead to poor policy, bit like trying to drive a car forward by looking in the rear vision mirror…yet it’s what we do because we tend to operate from our comfort zones and what we already know rather than looking for new and relevant relationships and connections that match new situations…rapid change requires adaptable, flexible thinking not rigid ready mades….only 10% of us do this …the rest have to learn it!!!!!
    so let’s not make false asssumptions that inevitably block new ideas and possibilities rather look for ways to make new technologies and systems work for us even if they at first seem like a threat.

    someone once said the pesonal computer would never take off as there would never be a demand or that this new fangled thing called a telephone was just a fad. In the 1920’s a group of eminent thinkers said that there can now not possibly be any new ideas because all that was great had already been invented!!!! this group of academics obviously failed the compulsory ‘futures thinking ‘ elective we all need to take in order to get our STA ticket to travel in ‘now new space’.

    make sure you catch the right train or else you’ll end up at the North Adelaide railway station…and that’s not there any more!!!
    about an hour ago · Facebook comment

    • October 13, 2010 at 5:32 am

      well said Ron. good points re the adoption rates for telephone, PC’s etc. Same for email… and then websites and then there was the big dotcom crash that sorted everyone out… maybe we need a social crisis (altho there are plenty of examples of social media doing good already as well… change is happening. perhaps its just adelaide ? LOL

      • October 13, 2010 at 5:32 am

        Ron Corso
        Yes how true, change will happen no matter what. remember the quote.

        ‘some people make things happen, others watch things happen and the rest wonder what the f**k happened’ !!!!
        It’s not just an Adelaide thing it’s just crippled thinking because we are too scared to try something new just because it’s new and it somehow threatens our ‘feeble’ security.I’d rather continue to be wrong because at least I know I’m wrong that try to be right because I ‘might’ be.

        ‘we can’t stop this war…we’ve just paid six months rent on the battlefield’
        Groucho Marx

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