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For the real Steve Davis click here

If you have ever set up a Google Alert on your own name you will know how intriguing it is to find other people with your name. It is all the more surprising if your name is a rare one. Not that I’d know about that!

Another spin-off of this shrunken, socially-networked world is that I have been engaged in Twitter conversations where people have assumed the Steve Davis they know has my twitter handle of @stevedavis. Yes, I did play along for a while and most have been good sports about it.

But what I have done now, on my website, is create a new genre of About Me page, one that involves fantasy and good ol’ Aussie larrikan behaviour, oh, and numerous personifications of Steve Davisness.

What has fascinated me is that the few high profile people in the world with the name Steve Davis are involved in areas where I have dabbled in the past.

And this got me thinking.

What if I included such pursuits in my “About Me” page?

Would I attract some Steve Davis traffic? Would Google Analytics show me what keyword combinations involving “Steve Davis” brought people to my world?

Welcome to my About Me experiment where you can choose your Steve Davis.

If you visit the About Steve Davis page at stevedavis.com.au, you will see the various guises I created over summer. Click on one and read my various biographies – snooker, cricket umpiring, photography – you name, Steve Davis has done it.

It has only just been published and early results show my dalliance with cricking umpiring and playing is paying an early dividend in inbound links.

In deference to other Steve Davis figures, I have invited others from the various disciplines to make contact and share links to their sites. I have also included links to Wikipedia entries for Steve Davis celebrity-types, where appropriate.

Yes, this is not the most serious web 2.0 marketing pursuit. But it is fun, and it will teach me some of the subtle aspects of search engine optimisation.

Let me know if you do something similar.

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  1. February 26, 2011 at 5:33 am

    love it!

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