Andrew Andrews

A bit about me.
I commenced studying Maths Science at Adelaide Uni majoring in computing science in 1980 and have worked in IT ever since. I now consult in social policy business intelligence information strategies and solutions and Project Governance and Management with clients across Oz.

To make some pocket money at Uni I started DJing. Weddings, Birthday Parties and Uni gigs primarily. I caught the bug for playing music to an audience and entertaining so in May 1984 I was fortunate enough to land a two hour radio shift on 5-MMM-FM (now 3D) on Thursday nights playing Disco and House music. We had a huge following and we really enjoyed ourselves until 1992 when I retired the show and took a break from Community Radio. In the late nineties me and group of friends formed Dance100FM Community Broardcaster with a temporary license and broadcasted for about 18 months.

Fast forward to September 2005 and I made a pitch to join the Board of FreshFM. The members voted me in as Vice President  and I’ve been on the Board ever since. In September 2008 the Members elected me as President of Fresh. The last 5 years have been a wonderful rocket ride and we’ve really experienced significant growth both organisationally and in our listerner base. I’m passionate about development of our Youth and the Media.

I also founded an internet delivered outsourced payroll services business called Ezypayroll servicing the Small to Medium sized employers across Adelaide and Interstate.

My children study at Pembroke School and I sit on the Marketing Advisory Committee for the School. My specific interest is in assisting development of Social Media policy.

Why join Social Media Butterflies? The group gives me a forum to discuss the challenges our society is experiencing and will continue to experience with the phenomenon of the global virtual community enabled through Social Media. Our Youth have already embraced this and have yet to fully realise its potential; the older generation will need to explore the potential strengths and weaknesses through a process of trial and error in adapting traditional communication methods to the brave new world created by the Social Media phenomenon.

Where will Social Media be in 5 years time? Perhaps we can contribute in being the reflector and the director? Let’s see…..



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