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Safer Internet Day 2011 (via Off the Shelf)

Safer Internet Day 2011 Today is Safer Internet Day 2011. To get some great tips about being safe,smart and responsible online go to Google and click the link to Read Tips and resources to keep your family safe online. This  takes you to Google Family Safety Centre where you can learn about Google's safety tools and view safety videos on Google's YouTube channel. More information can also be found at the Australian Government Cybersmart site. … Read More

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Complaints and compliments: are you communicating?

conversation is king


Within 24 hours its easy to immerse yourself into an organisation or business and see when people arent communicating effectively. That’s not to say I would walk into a company with a negative frame of mind expecting to find failure. I most certainly wouldn’t. But as an outsider, it is easier to have a different perspective. It’s also easier to notice the good things – the compliments. This is when you see something and think (or say) “aaah I like that”.


Did you learn that etiquette tip as a kid? When you first meet or greet a person, you select one thing that you can say which is positive about them, and use their name with it eg, “its good to see you again Sue, and lovely to see you wearing that fabulous broach again”… or “its great to catch up with you jenny, you have a positive glow on today”. Try it. It’s lovely when it’s done. And it’s a good thing to do. #feelgood


Complaints are challenges. It’s the area we focus on because it teaches us that we need to learn, educate, and be aware. Complaints happen because we aren’t doing something right. When staff say “I don’t know what’s going on in this place”, it’s probably because no one is actually telling them. Or perhaps they think they are telling them however there are so many barriers in what is being said, they still don’t “get it”. You know the 10 times over edited document that went through 4 layers of approval process? You know what I mean.


Compliments are wonderful. But how often do you get them? How often does someone go out of their way to let you know you have done something right as an organisation and they like your service? Do we ever tell Telstra? Do we tell them that in all reality they do have the best mobile coverage available and if in business we are really quite grateful for them? I suspect not. But it’s true.


Of course, complaints and compliments are all linked to a single act. That is, the act of communicating. And this is an action. If I am frustrated, I communicate. If I am happy, I communicate. But to who? Compliments to an organisation or business take on a different perspective or challenge for an individual. It’s not a regular act… ie there is no call to action to get a result – the only result benefits someone else… and us humans don’t always act on that, do we. I know I don’t tend to share my compliments outside my friendship base. Its true. Ive never written a letter to compliment a company. Have you?


I have, however, written blogs.


So, social media has certainly added an interesting spin on this subject. Because here we can say what we think. We can share opinions. Either via a blog, or via one of the many news streams that clutter the airwaves… be it Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, LinkedIn or other. And those opinions are public. In this world, social media world, if you aren’t having your say, then you aren’t being social.


And in that context, in the business arena it can have a more overwhelming consequence. It’s a bigger risk. What are they saying? Do you really know?


FYI: CHARLIEDesign can monitor voice. We have the means. Having said that, Facebook is bound by privacy rules and so no-one can monitor that!


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the weather and social media

whilst the news about our weather hasnt been great – one of the best uses of social media has emerged… and that is – the spreading of important news via social media platforms.

Queensland authorities, the Victorian Police and Weather Bureau have certainly displayed their talents in these areas this past 24 hours.

as have many other emergency services. they have certainly grasped the full capability and use of this new platform to expert levels and it is inspiring to see.

of course – as with everything – there are limitations. not being able to charge mobile fones being the main offender, but seriously…it wont take the world long to sort that issue out.


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Starting the conversation in a professional environment. (via CharlieRobinson Says)

Charlie’s tips for engaging in a professional corporate environment… what experiences have you personally had (if this is your space too) and/or what other advise would you suggest?

One of the areas that I specialise in or rather focus on for social media, is of course corporate. Why? Well, I have been employed by many and had to play by the rules within many and so, in the main I understand the limitations and risks they work within. Some are easier than others. Many corporate bodies remain risk adverse, however many staff still wish to maintain a relationship and been seen – in a professional light – promoting their produc … Read More

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Charlies trends for Christmas and beyond (via CharlieDesign – Let’s Engage Socially) (via CharlieRobinson Says)

The list has been derived from conversations with a raft of people over these past four or five years of observations and where I see it all heading….

i cant stress this too much – i have a voice, i want to be heard, i love my friends and i have a mechanism. now i have to learn the rules and be a good girl. trend number whatever – isnt that right folks? here's my proper version: Firstly, me writing a trends list is a new trend. The list has been derived from conversations with a raft of people over these past four or five years of observations and where I see it all heading…. Secondly the tre … Read More

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Work/Project Focus:: Contract Adelaide (via CharlieDesign – Let’s Engage Socially)

November 23, 2010 1 comment

Not everyone likes what you say, and yet sometimes it needs to be said. And sometimes projects (and project managers) need to be strong and take a step back, accept feedback, regroup and grow stronger from the experience. This is one scenario where challenging situations can be handled, and reaffirmed my belief that a strong commitment to a belief, not bowing to popular demand will produce quality results.

Are you a strong manager in a scenario like this or do you buckle to popularity? Being the best doesnt always mean everyone is going to love you. If you have the vision and you are the expert, stay true. You will be the one they follow in the end.

Contract Adelaide   Communication Consultant   charliedesign was hired to provide expert assistance with an internal communications campaign for the implementation of a companywide software upgrade. the overall project’s goal was to change the day to day life of all staff. The initial strategy suggestion was to introduce social networking philosophies and branded marketing messages. On introduction and initial analysis, charliedesign as … Read More

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Work/Project Focus: Finlaysons and Corus People Solutions (via CharlieDesign – Let’s Engage Socially)

being an invited panel member for this seminar was a hoot. many times i felt myself wanting to burst with information (about social media) as it was a welcoming/learning environment that involved healthy discussion, some debate and very sensible views all round.

thanks to Grant Archer of Finlaysons for the opportunity. appreciate your support for my work. xc

Consultant. Seminar Panel Member for "Thank Goodness You're In!" : Opening the doors on the new HR role Opportunity as "social media" panel member for the Finlaysons / Corus client seminar. The following is a summary of topics: Managing Internet use, social networking, unsafe practices, cyber bullying and tracking poor behaviour Managing workplace safety in the face of the new National OHS scheme and an era of personal liability Recruitment, remu … Read More

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