Steve Davis

On one level, Steve Davis is a professional listener and talker. Starting out as a radio announcer and journalist, and then moving into print and web journalism, Steve listened and talked his way through 40,000 interviews with people such as David Attenborough, Paul Kelly, and the late Ruth Cracknell.

But by the late 1990s, his work behind the scenes in planning radio and media campaigns, drew him to a deeper kind of listening and talking; marketing and communication. He is now senior consultant with one of Adelaide’s top marketing and strategy consultancies, Patrick Baker and Associates.

For more than a decade, Steve has helped business people define and implement marketing and communication strategies. Between consulting appointments he spends most days of the week delivering his marketing and web2.0 workshops around Australia. Amid this travel schedule, Steve is Radio FIVEaa’s “web guy”. He has a regular Sunday night segment, Online Insights, in which he profiles interesting, helpful and novel websites as well as sharing commentary on web developments.

And yet, he has a dark side. In fact, it is a dark-roasted side. Steve is also the founder of Baristador Coffee, an online coffee service for fellow coffee snobs, delivering rich, full-bodied espresso blends with a choice of caffeine level, from full to 70% to 30% and close to null. This focus on flavour before caffeine is the true Spirit of Espresso, according to this Espresso Evangelist!

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