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the weather and social media

whilst the news about our weather hasnt been great – one of the best uses of social media has emerged… and that is – the spreading of important news via social media platforms.

Queensland authorities, the Victorian Police and Weather Bureau have certainly displayed their talents in these areas this past 24 hours.

as have many other emergency services. they have certainly grasped the full capability and use of this new platform to expert levels and it is inspiring to see.

of course – as with everything – there are limitations. not being able to charge mobile fones being the main offender, but seriously…it wont take the world long to sort that issue out.


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Collective Thoughts, Dot Points and Stop Gaps

Best outcomes come from thoughtful, considerate, and proactive implementations. However we all also know the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing. There are enough scenarios in social media / employment land for a company to now take stock and get serious.


Here are some personal views of my own.


Previous partner worked for a law firm. One day this firm banned #FB between 9 to 5. That same day (during the 9 – 5 day) he sent me an email containing a 5mg video file (that was a funny ha ha ie joke video not business related). 5mg email v 5kb #FB page download? Best ICT business practice? No, only business practice here was the visual, verbal and viewable impact of just saying “no” to Facebook. A better business practice here would have been to understand your social media employee and code of conduct policy. Are your employees happily doing the things they should be doing to get the job done? Is social media really at fault?


Previous employment my ICT Manager said to me, “You have the largest company monitored use of Twitter. Why?” My response “It’s my job to monitor media, and I think you would be more concerned if I didnt” nb Media Monitors, the paid for subscription service, includes Twitter feeds for media managers. Social media is used to monitor trending topics, media releases, conversations and company reputations. A business practice here would be to understand your social media strategy and the why. It’s also good to understand the role of the employee and how communications are developing in the modern world. Communications are far more fluid these days. It’s already a well proven fact that social media and networking improves customer service immensely. It strengthens relations.


Previous employment asked me to delete the #FB group when I left that had been used for alumni purposes. They then asked me to hand over the management of the LinkedIn group created. Whilst both scenarios are a #FAIL, it does show a lack of understanding of the business drivers from the HR Managers perspective for attracting and retaining employees in the modern workforce. Especially in niche field industries. More interestingly is the general attitude towards #FB as opposed LinkedIn. The later being a more professional social media service for head hunters and like-minds. They wanted to keep this.


Considering these points, social media can enhance your companies reputation, improve customer service, and make your workplace more attractive to many employees.


check one example:


check another:


Think about it.


Whilst you digest all that, there is the next big question as to the “what?” and “how?” and “gosh”. Yes, just like we need employees to understand how to send an email, edit a word document and attend a seminar acting like a professional, we also need our employees to act responsibly online. This doesnt mean we are asking them to alter their lifestyle, hobbies or interests. This is simply asking them to consider their role in workplace and what they say about their employer in the full view of the public eye.


Which brings me to remind you that all online is public. That is unless you use the privacy settings available to all via most services. Yes #FB can be private, LinkedIn can be and so can Twitter. Amazing. No-one needs to know what you are saying except your immediate friends and family – or whoever you choose to have listed.


Unfortunately, many people dont care about or understand privacy. Mainly the latter.


Anyway, I care. But why? What do I have to hide? Im not embarrassed by my life. However, many people simply cant cope with the full extent of a persons life when exposed to it tho (that sounds weird right?). Well, this is no longer just information overload, this is scensory overload. My life is multifaceted and I dont feel it is necessary to expose all to all (especially when it comes to my kids). However, never before has a medium merged life like now. If your own home and work life was merged, what impact would this have? Mine is partially merged already (I’m not a 9 – 5 person) so I’m getting used to it!! Do you think yours ever will? My previous employment contract was 24/7 with laptop and internet connection provided at home. I also had a mobile phone provided that included personal use. How can an employer monitor all that usage? It’s just not possible.


What does your place of employment monitor? Why?


Does your company have a best of breed code of conduct to cover all? I suspect not.


If you cant monitor employees all the time and your employees are no longer 9 – 5, how can you encourage them to do the right thing by you?




Why are companies mixing the social media networking online viewing concept with porn? That’s like mixing your Disney movie with Debbie Does Dallas. Just because these are brought to you in the same format (mechanism) doesnt mean they have the same message or output. Let’s not get confused. Being online does not automatically mean we are viewing porn. But even if you are – who cares? As long as it’s not work time which means right code of conduct time.




Why not embrace something new and make it work for your company?


Use a social media (code of conduct) policy, provide training (for social media) to staff, and provide words (about your company) that staff can share. Encourage staff to do the right thing by training them, teaching them and not shying away from them. Embrace and be proactive.

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How the love of latte has led me into the world of social media (@luvmylatte)

September 16, 2010 1 comment

As a self confessed coffee addict and lover of latte I have found myself being drawn in to the world of social media.

I found myself thinking a little while ago about how I could go about sharing my passion for coffee with others.

As a result, I created a Facebook page “Luv My Latte” ( and have acquired which I am hoping to have up and running soon.   My intentions are to share reviews of the many cafes I visit, interesting coffee facts and titbits and much more.

From humble beginnings and basic knowledge I am slowly working my way through the plethora of information out there in researching all there is to know about coffee as well as learning about web design.

I have chosen WordPress as my blogging tool and am in awe of just how much there is to learn.  This has led me to many hours of viewing tutorials, the purchase of a “Beginners guide to …WordPress” as well as speaking with many blogging and website experts.

I have learnt that the interface in WordPress is easy to manage.  One can create a post and publish with just a few clicks.  The look is easily customised and there are lots of free themes as well as lots to purchase too depending on your requirements.

There have been many occasions however, where I have felt like tearing my hair out in frustration… Solution… have a latte, deep breathe and keep on blogging  🙂

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Andrew Andrews responds to “what does Social Media mean to me?”

LinkedIn lunches in (2007-0032 0084)
Image by tychay via Flickr

When I was asked this question a week ago, my split second response was the single word “Community”.

I’ve had a week to think deeply about why I was so quick to respond this way and formulate this blog.

Looking up the word Community in the Oxford online dictionary gives this definition.

community (com|mu¦nity)



(plural communities)

1 a group of people living together in one place, especially one practising common ownership:a community of nuns
a particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants:a rural community local communities
(the community) the people of a district or country considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities; society:preparing prisoners for life back in the community
[as modifier] denoting a worker or resource designed to serve the people of a particular area:community health services
2 [usually with modifier] a group of people having a religion, race , profession, or other particular characteristic in common:Montreal ‘ s Italian community the scientific community
a body of nations or states unified by common interests:[in names] :the European Community
3 [mass noun] the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common:the sense of community that organized religion can provide
[in singular] a similarity or identity:the law presupposes a community of interest between an employer and employees
joint ownership or liability:the community of goods
4 Ecologya group of interdependent plants or animals growing or living together in natural conditions or occupying   a specified habitat:communities of insectivorous birds

When one reflects on the definition, the intrinsic relationship between Social Media and Community becomes all so clear.

Our Primate ancestors existed in tribes where the individuals live together and share their responsibilities in a communal fashion, exactly as the definition states.

Primates instinctively were aware then that their very existence would be compromised if they didn’t  exist in communal tribes. As individuals living alone they would perish, but together they gave themselves the best chance of existing and thriving against the odds driven by the destructive forces of nature.

Over the span of many eons humans have evolved from their ape ancestors, but one of the constants that has remained through our evolution is the principal of Community.

If you look around our global society, Communities exist everywhere, in many forms and at many levels. There are myriads of networks of people from ranging our schools, sporting clubs, charity associations, office social clubs, professional associations, peak industry bodies, commercial and community media (traditionally print, radio and TV), unions, and so on.

Our democratic Government structure ranging from our Local  Council, State, Federal and ultimately the United Nations are highly evolved and are all forms of Community.

There are limitless examples of Communities across the World.

In fact, the amazing interconnected-ness of our world would not be necessary or required if it weren’t for the fundamental primal desire of the human condition being the need to exist in Communities and the need to Communicate.

Referring again to the Oxford Online Dictionary, the origins of the verb Communicate step from the early 16th century: from Latin communicat- ‘shared’, from the verb communicare, from communis.

Communities wouldn’t exist without Communication and vice versa. Its no surprise then, that in the English language that these words are prefixed by the same seven letters both derived from the word Common.

Communication and Communities have existed since the dawn of time.

First the first time in the evolution of human kind, our Communities have truly become a democratic global human ecosystem, where possibilities created by Social Media are endless and opportunities are infinite.

It is very clear to me that the fundamental principals of Community will never change, however its interpretation , application and impact to our Global society has yet to be fully understood, nor has been fully realised.

So you may ask, what have these primal norms got to do with Social Media?

Its amazing that the World Wide Web is only 20 years old, and Social Media in its present form has existed for less than 10 years.

facebook was launched from a Harvard University dorm room in February 2004, and since then has generated these formidable statistics;

* More than 400 million active users
* 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
* Average user has 130 friends
* People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook

The elegance and success of facebook can be traced back to two fundamental primal roots, that being the insatiable human need to exist within one or more Communities and interact through Communication.

As a community networking and communication platform, then its not surprising to see how facebook has so rapidly become a global phenomenon.

facebook is but one of many Social Media platforms, twitter and linkedin are currently also predominant platforms. These will evolve over time and no doubt be superceded with new technologies and services leap frogging over these Social Media market leaders.

Before the advent of the Internet and the revolution of Social Media, our communities were largely limited by our geographic world. The immutable laws of physics of time and space limited our access to our Community networks and limited our abilities to Communicate with each other.

This need to form Communities and to Communicate has sometime had disasterous consequences. If power is knowledge, limitations in terms of distance and time resulted in information being hitherto previously concentrated in the hands of too few.  Our history has shown dire cases where propaganda media machines being dominated by treacherous individuals or groups having possibly fatal consequences.  The many Wars fought over the centuries are cases in point.

Now that we have both virtual Communities and instantaneous Communication enabled through Social Media networks, we are now able to interact with each other on a global basis in real time. Like minded individuals can form groups and collaborate in virtual real time.

If we have had such drastic changes to our society in the last 10 years, what profound changes will the next 10 or 5 years bring?

This is an exciting point in time in the evolution of our global Communities.

We are but only at the beginning of a very long and exciting journey with Social Media.

-Andrew Andrews, 18th July 2010.

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Everything <- What does social media mean to you?

July 16, 2010 2 comments

Everything was the 1st thing to come to mind when Charlie popped the question.

I have had time to reflect and have come up with the following:

E = Engagement – whether it is Govt-2-Govt (G2G); Govt-2-Business (G2B); or Govt-2-Community (G2C) engagement. The choice of platform is crucial; and should reflect the target audience. It is a case of get this fundamental component wrong; and the opportunity is forever lost.

V = Value – this is a personal thing. What value do you derive out of Social Media? Connecting with people; offering an opinion; building a business or just being there when something happens. This is unique to us all, as is the medium we choose to express it.

E = Evolution – Social media is evolving rapidly; as is the technology used to access & interact with it. Social media is in a continual state of beta testing. It is now its own ecosystem; survival is ranked by user base and what can be plugged-in, fed-in; out or up and connected with. Corporations and Govt’s departments are realising the value of and joining the social media revolution/evolution.

R = Return On Investment (ROI)Brian Solis‘ post, via Mashable; outlines not only ROI, but also more measurable:

  • Return on Engagement: is squarely focused on Government’s engaging with citizens and the community.
  • Return on Participation: the connections forged by being amongst a community online.
  • Return on Involvement: target audience participation with brands, products and consumables.
  • Return on Attention: again targeted participation thru marketing, PR & communications.
  • Return on Trust: focused on the brand and product strength.

Y = Yourself – Simply be yourself!

T = Technology – Build it and they will come! This works only a very small percentage of the time; especially in most organisations. This quote:

“Alongside the tools and technology, public sector culture itself must change” Source: @acidlabs

Technology alone can not change a persons perceptive; they have to be willing to do so. It just provides another avenue for development, opportunity and collective learning.

H = Holistic – Great quote:

“i take the stance that a corporate social responsibility should be a holistic, global view” Source: Charlie @ S[M]B

Of course, I agree. We all have a responsibility to ourselves, our loved ones and those closest to us. This extends to social media.

I = Inclusive – It doesn’t matter who you are; where you are from; holistically Social Media is an enabler to achieve an inclusive society. It breaks down the divide of borders, oceans, race, etc.

N = Networking – Since joining the “Big 3” (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) & becoming a member of #SOCADL; brought into the fold of #gov2au or #gov2, in general, the opportunities to share comments, thoughts, ideas has been overwhelming. Gone are the days of the traditional “meet-and-greet” (but it still has a place), it is a case of checking in, tweet-ups, swarms, flashmobs, crowdsourcing and it is all for the greater good.

G = Gov2 – This is the opportunity for Governments to breakdown the walls of the silos and start a fresh. Explore networking, be more inclusive, look inside before taking the holistic approach, technology won’t solve everyone’s problems but it can assist in providing the information to make better decision that affect people.

That is all. Ciao for Now 🙂

-Adrian K. Hall

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Amber Lawson (youth voice):: What does social media mean to me?

mother and daughter
Image by pomegranates via Flickr

Social media. What does it mean to me? Well, while the world scrambles over Facebook and new social websites are popping out of our eyeballs every minute, I don’t think anyone notices the impact that social media is having on our world.

In some aspects, social media is great. I recently got in contact with two of my dearest friends back in primary school. They live in England, I live in Australia. Without this large online community, I would have never spoken to them again, yet here I am uploading photos and talking about seeing them on my next trip to the UK.

There are situations which I’m not sure are good or bad. For example, the earthquake (ha!) that we had a couple of months back: did anyone check the news to see if it really was an earthquake? Did anyone turn on the radio? Ask their neighbours? Call up the local science lab? Nope, we all checked Facebook. As proved by my news feed on the night (40+ statuses guys).

With the changing scope of our world, we’re playing video games against Americans, swapping diet tips with our neighbours in Europe and ordering scarves and DVDs and iPhones from the guys up in Asia. But we’ve also started noticing the widening of hips, that none of us speak to our neighbours anymore (what’s a street party?) and Generation Y will agree with me on this one, but when my mother starts talking about all the advantages I have nowadays…I really don’t see it.

Because with this social media bug we’ve all seemed to catch, sites like formspring have come into the playground. No longer do your friendly school bullies have to confront you face to face, they don’t even have to send you a text message from their phone anymore! They can just pop onto any computer and click on your account and tell you that you’re rank, or uncool, or ugly, or whatever word they feel like using on that particular day. Sometimes, human nature really disgusts me.

So, what does social media mean to me? Well, it depends on the day. Or my mood. Or whether I’m having to comfort my best friend from an anonymous offender, or whether I’m talking to my best friends from back in the good old days. Social media may seem like a blessing to some….but I’m still deciding.

-Amber Lawson

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@luvmylatte:: What does social media mean to me?

A café Latte.
Image via Wikipedia

I was asked recently what social media means to me and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my thoughts with you. At the time I said “sharing my latte”.
But as I sit here thinking of something interesting to write about and what I am going to say that will be interesting to those who are going to read it, I wonder how many people are actually going to read it and will I be able to come up with something unique or entertaining to keep them amused?
To me social media is all about interacting with people, communicating with those you might not ordinarily meet and sharing good times like my love of lattes.  Social media gives me a voice to share my thoughts and share ideas and interesting links. The ultimate and most meaningful to me is sharing a really good conversation over an exceptional latte.
So where do I turn to for inspiration.
1.     Music.  Somehow there is always a song lyric that seems to inspire me
2.    Talking with friends and  colleagues … over a latte of course!
3.    Watching something funny on the television
4.    I keep a journal which has become my best friend and goes everywhere with me.  Including sleeping next to my bed should an idea pop into my head at some random time of the night when I am having trouble staying asleep.
5.    Surfing the social networks and reading other blogs for inspiration.

What does social media mean to you?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

-Dana Mallach, better known as @luvmylatte

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