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For the real Steve Davis click here

February 26, 2011 1 comment

If you have ever set up a Google Alert on your own name you will know how intriguing it is to find other people with your name. It is all the more surprising if your name is a rare one. Not that I’d know about that!

Another spin-off of this shrunken, socially-networked world is that I have been engaged in Twitter conversations where people have assumed the Steve Davis they know has my twitter handle of @stevedavis. Yes, I did play along for a while and most have been good sports about it.

But what I have done now, on my website, is create a new genre of About Me page, one that involves fantasy and good ol’ Aussie larrikan behaviour, oh, and numerous personifications of Steve Davisness. Read more…

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Online Voice Personalities

Jeremiah Owyang & Robert Scoble
Image by Laughing Squid via Flickr

had an amazing revelation yesterday. pondered it overnite. researched it today.

its to do with online voice personalities and the breadth and depth of those essentially in the advertising or referrals space >> and within this space i am referring to the word of mouth variety – not the purchased variety <<

we all know that in social media world there are people who lead and people who follow.

social media “A-listers” can name drop or comment about a particular product or event and people will flock to buy/spend/do. they are the leaders in this space and gain as much credibility as your dad’s advice about your first car.

NOTE:: in the social media space, i personally have been a follower for many many years -> first ZeFrank, then Robert Scoble, then Jeremiah Owyang… 🙂

to continue,
social media is firmly dealing with “people” interacton. there are no fancy jingles, rhymes, graphics, bouncing balls, special sets, colourful lights, men in leotards that you see on TV. none of it.

it’s all voice. of the typed variety. opinions.

ie go here, do this, think that, feel this, felt that, share this, dont go there, etc.

so, when it comes to the online voice personalities – obviously A-listers will have one that people align to, enjoy and want to hear more from.

[penny drop]  it all makes perfect sense when I know i dont like the mr bankruptcy ads on TV, that i wont like the loud noisy voice on the social media site. but others will – and do.

dont you think?

i do.

would love to hear the personality types you like, dislike, align with, enjoy, hate or share.

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